Wednesday, November 28, 2007

30 minutes

Last night, when I finally closed my eyes, I dreamt about waking up.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

in the last dream that i remember my mom told me that my crazy uncle rich had passed away. i was upset that she told me over the phone and i was very hostile towards her. the situation was awful. i was awful.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Father on a window ledge

I dreamt that my father was walking back and forth on a small ledge outside my two windows at night. I knew that he had come to visit me and had climbed up the outside of the building, now we talked through the windows about things i cannot remember. I wanted him to come in, upon opening the window he leapt backwards, flat like a board. It was a troubling sight to see him fall backwards into the darkness and disappear. I thought that he was just joking, and that he probably had a parachute, or something on him that would let him land safely, soon he would climb back up. What he had with him was napalm though, and when he landed in it he received third degree burns all over his body, I learned as much from a newspaper.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


i was trying to get cast in the new beetlejuice movie. my audition was done in a small, white rectangular room with two cameras. one person auditioned at each camera at the same time. the whole setting was digital and you didn't know what it looked like until you started your audition and you saw yourself on the side screen doin' your thang. the digital setting was a news studio and i had to be an anchor woman. some professional actor was auditioning next to me. i think it was dave coolier from fullhouse. he nailed his second take and i was awful.

David Letterman, rotting wood, and unidentified infants

I was a guest on Letterman twice. The studio was filled with bright white items, there were lacy white table cloths on circular tables and all of the walls were white as well. There was a long white couch for guests. I wasn't really there as a guest, I was just supposed to stand onstage for some reason or another. I spent a lot of time waiting backstage and essentially outside the studio in an underpass sort of area. In another portion of my dream, my roommate Erin and I moved into a beautifully decrepit loft-like building. It was rather narrow and everything seemed slightly out of proportion. I can't really remember the story that occurred there, but I vaguely remember it being interesting to say the least. There was also a swimming pool near by where I ended up playing with an infant in the water while a few other people sat completely submerged with their children at the bottom of the pool. Eventually the pool was drained and those who had been at the bottom looked at me in a strange way as I held my laughing baby. I'm not actually sure who the infant belonged to.

locked out.

i thought of ways to break into my locked bedroom. my bedroom door kept unlocking whenever i pushed a secret button hidden within the door knob. i liked the sound of the door unlocking and i wouldn't or couldn't push my door open eventhough it was unlocked.