Thursday, January 10, 2008


I could see around 18 sphere's orbiting around a circular magnet. It was an experiment to see if the sphere's, which were inanimate, has some sense of intelligence and would band together. Such as sphere's of the same color floating with each other. It did not work, and a scientist who was present said that they had better success with the plasma method. I knew that the plasma method was a more "natural" way of doing it, as there was no magnet. The plasma method used a natural substance of the same size of the magnet that had some kind of gravitational pull.

A female scientist had a special device that she had to take to jupiter to test, she arrived on jupiter and found it to be a wasteland covered in trash. She climbed to a high point and looked around, she saw a hole in planet's crust, she went to it to climb in and use her device.

Then i was on the surface looking at the remains of a society that had crumbled, there was a gutted supermarket with very little in it. There were crude posters advertising a narcotic called demian. then there were people around, doing various little things in this post-apocalyptic world. Some of them seemed somewhat dangerous, as they were destitute and addicted to demian. My family was there and we were getting into a car to go somewhere else in the city. There was a  man standing strangely near us and our car and he made me uncomfortable. I was in the passenger seat and as we pulled away the stranger opened the rear left door where my dad was sitting, because my mother had started accelerating before closing her door to get away from him, he thought that it was my father driving from the backseat, which is why he opened that door door. 

When he opened it I woke up. This is either the third or fifth time that i have been mugged, or otherwise assaulted by a stranger in a dream. They always hang around a little bit first, making me uncomfortable. Other than the sensation of feeling uncomfortable, i'm not scared in these dreams, so I can't call them nightmares

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